Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Norzita

Tara besday girl..dah tua..hehe jgn mara..rambut baru tuh

ngeh ngeh ngeh tengah nak tiup lilin dua batang jer

Posing maut...kekekkeke

kek besday..yang cacat sebab tak sejuk lagi dah kena lotak coklat ganache... terencat dier

my best friend celebrated her 31st birthday recently on 22nd Dec, however th celebration was postponed to last saturday. The small event was held UC club in Taman Shamelin along with few close and not so close friends hahahhaha.... since the birthday gals like karaoke so much, we celebrated at a karaoke place.Among the invitees Baby and Bf, syima and friends, Ajid and gang, Xnama , and not forgetting housemates Aki, Laily and Zet ( kang ada yang merajuk lak)and a few which I am not too familiar...

We brought along some BBQ chicken wings ( they are delish!0, roti john and the birthday cake ( boiled chocoltae cake, home made of course). ushering of another year in life, we should always make the effort to be better than before and not waste the time that Allah has provided for us here on earth. Be thankful and always count your blessing! May this year brings more joy and happiness.... just remember happiness is not only a physical state but also stemed from our soul.

Happy Birthday dear !!!

Enjoy the pics...

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