Monday, January 5, 2009

Tag dari Ana Wahid

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1.I am the 4th daughetr of Haji Ali bin Abd. Aziz and Hajah Zainab bt Aman, and no 8th from 10 sibling

2. I am still working as a logistic exec in a manufacturing firm , and comes February will have been working for 5 years ( alreday received an expensive watch as appreciation for 5 years of service last Dec)

3.Love travelling, my fave places will be the outdoors especially the island s and beaches, currently doing rounds to all the islands in Malaysia. My dream is to be able to enjoy the snorkelling/ diving sites at Maldives and the spectacular views of New Zealand outdoors ( tgh kumpul duit hehehe.. praying hard too)

4.I am a morning person, i can wake up early in the morning but cannot stay up to late in the nights or I will have bags under my eyes the next morning.

5.My nieces and nephews ( all 25 of them ) and one great niece( only a few days old) call me INDUK ANA ( induk negeri slang for makcik or auntie).

6. I am rather a reserved person ( hehehe uderstatement ker), it will take me sometimes to warm-up to other people, tapi bila dah ngam ok jer

7.I am not a very good driver especially at nights ( due to my high astigmatism), I loved being driven around too.. anybody volunteer to be my driver eh??

Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. -(aiyoo why so many!)

1.I know if this is a quirk in character, but i love to read fiction novels especially adventure and action ones, at times I bought 2-3 books at a time. Fave author of the moment is James Rollins .

2.I like to go out alone at times , find a good eating place to chill out and read my fave paperback, good place for me to chill out this way is at Secret Recipe or any comfy kopitiam with a cuppa .

3.Like to talk to my cats..huhuhu especially my three rambuctious Darlings Manja, Roy and Demuk, there are very good housesitter if I am not around.

4. I bake when I feel stressed out, and the lucky recipients of these activity will be my officemates, my parents are not much of cakes or dessert eaters. Lucky them.

5.I love martial arts and am a member of Persatuan Silat Seni Gayung Malaysia, however of late I am not much into practicing and training hahah, much to the dismay of my instructor at PLKU, however I sometimes join in the activities at the club center in Kajang.

6. When I am cooking, I dont like other people to help me unnesscery unless I specifically asked for help ( syok sendiri hahaah).

fuhh that was the longest list ever.....

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Dont think I 'm gonna pass these tags.. hehe looks like all the people in MYR have been tagged before/

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Rajin sungguh kamu hahahah..keep up the good work in your blog !BIla lah nak merasa dishes from batu pahat nih

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