Monday, January 12, 2009

Convocation at UUM-10th Jan 2008

After more than one year doing my executive diploma in Logistic , finally I graduated on Saturday at UUM, 4th Executuve Diploma Convo. It was a great event, went with 2 of my classmates Sabrin and Raja Azah. Wish I could have posted up the other pictures of receiving the scrool and after convo but those were with my sister , Ateh. Glad that my parents, sisters, and brother and two nieces were there to witness it. Icing on the cake, I came up as top student from the center that I studied at VS Management, and i got the trophy to prove it. Proved that it is never to late to learn or study. Some of teh students came with their family and children too, being a part time classes most of the graduants are working adults, and this make the convo more meaningful and sweeter. Congrats to all!!!


  1. Congrats ana..u deserve it la!

  2. nor, k.Jun...Thanksss..nih yang buat semangat membara nak sambung lagi, insyaalah