Ana Garden - Kula Gardenia

Of late i have being immersing myself in the world of gardening. Well not specific to vegetable but variety of plants inclusive of  flowers, fruit trees and vegetable that are commonly used in the kitchen.

These lovely heavenly scented flower is known as Kula Gardenia or Golden Gardenia. The flowers will changed colour in stages as it matured. The bloom will start as white then turn to yellow and laat will changed to orange.

Mine is planted in pot and plant is originaly bought from Exotic Matahari Nursery in Kuantan (my favorite place to get plants and gardening needs). Currently the plant has tree main branches which bears flowers. I noticed that some of leaves are bigger in porpotion to the rest. Might need to add some more tanah bakar  for better improvement of the leaves.


kuih bakar hjh zainab  boleh ditempah  di talian  0133550384 harga sekeping adalah RM5.00 sahaja.
kuih tradisional ini diperbuat dari bahan bahan yang segar dan tanpa pengawet tambahan. Kami menggunakan  perasa asli jus pandan yang di proses sendiri dari daun pandan. Santan kelapa juga menggunakan santan segar dan dibakar sehingga bersira.

kuih bakar hajah zainab boleh disimpan didalam bekas yang bertutup selama 4-5 hari. Jika disimpan dalam  freezer sehingga 3 bulan ,

Jika para pelanggan ingin  membuat tempahan dalam kuantiti yang banyak atau ingin  pembungkusan yang berlaianan , boleh menghubungi kami untuk perbincangan.
 Resipi tradisi asli dan dipercayai.

life is like ...

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

Kucingku Peah

Seingat saya dari kecil rumah saya sentiasa ada kucing. Sehingga sekarang dah tak terkira berapa banyak kucing yang dah pernah dibela. Ada kucing datang, yang dibuang orang, dan terus bermastautin di rumah . Ada juga yang saya terjumpa dan bawa balik( sampai mak saya cakap tak cukup banyak kucing kat rumah dah)😆.

Untuk waktu ini ada  6 kucing dan 4anak kucing yang memeriahkan rumah mak. Kesayangan dan kemanjaan saya ialah seekor kucing jantan baka kampung yang bernama PEAH. Ya..peah. kenapa peah? Sebab masa dia kecil tak tahu jantan ke betina letak je peah. Dan nama tu kekal hingga sekarang.

PEAH  nih kadang-kadang  mengada lebih. Kalau makan tak mau kongsi dengan geng lain. Nak kena jamu dia sorang jek. Adoii. Lepas tuh pantang tengok tuan dier ngadap laptop  mesti nak buat aksi tidur atas keyboard tuh. Apa pun he is my baby.

Lihatlah aksi peah yang lawan tauke tidur atas katil sampai tak ingat dunia.Khas untuk Nurul Iman.

The Pecal Story

I went to the pasar minggu in pelan salak and came across one stall that sell lontong and nasi lemak. And they were alao selling prepacked rencah kuah pecal ingredients. Its rm10 for a 500g pack. Well good enough for me. Unfortunately that was the only time that i managed to find the pecal. Now i resorted to ordering online from my high school junior ms. Lily Ramlee. Not only she sold prepared kuah pecal ingredients also other favorite like sambal ikan bilis hitam and sambal tempe.

Back to the story of my pecal luckily the market aold among others  the ever perennial tempe (i love this), the must have taugeh and tauhu putih and bought few cucumbers. Once home its time to forage in the backyard and around the house. First i pluck some long beans (kacang panjang) from the small garden i have in front. Just a few plants but they provided endless supply of kacang panjang for the whole family. The 4 plants managed to provide for close to 2 months before they need to be replanted. Then of …

banana raisin cupcake

i havent been baking for a while. just that since starting work at the new place and fallen sick kind of making me lazy to look into my baking cupboards. however since i have two big bananas leftovers which i bought in preperation for the port dickson trailrun  last sunday, thought a waste to just let it turn mushy. one already used for my lempeng pisang or banana pancake on monday. which is yummy when eaten with honey but try not to make a too thin batter. ohh before i went on rambling to other things here is the recipe for this delish cuppies.Ingredients2 ripe banana- mashed
11/2 cup plain flour
1 cup castor sugar
3/4 cup butter or margarine
3 eggs (B size)
1/2 raisin (or whatever dried fruits of your choice)
1 teaspoon baking soda
11/2 teaspoon baking powder
vanilla essence to taste
sift flour together with baking soda and baking powder and set aside. beat the butter and sugar until creamy; pour the egg one at a time while beating the batter until well combined. optionally you can a…

Bangkok in december 2013

had a short trip with family last year. but since the riot already started we did not do much sightseeing. mabye i will be back for the 3rd time lucky