Friday, November 28, 2008

Shell Pasta Goreng Pedas

Hankering for something western but with a malay termasaklah pasta goreng pedas nih..

Spagetthi Sauce

Mince chicken 300g
Sausages 4 pieces
Mixed veggie 1/2 cwn
Maggi perencah spagetthi bolognese 1 bungkus
tomato paste 1 tin kecil ( i used Del Monte)
Bawang besar 1 labu ( dadu halus)
cili merah - mayang halus
Lada mesin 3 sudu besar ( can also used serbuk lada)
italian herbs ( McCormik)
Thyme & basil ( secukup rasa)

* enough pasta of your choice ( I used shell) - cooked to al dente

bawang putih - mayang halus
bawang merah kecik - mayang halus

- Masak the spagethhi sauce to the desire thickness, panaskan minyak tumiskan bawang putih dan bawang merah masukkan pasta sauce tadi then baru masukkan pasata yang direbus. Seasoned with pepper and salt to taste.

Jemput makan-makan!

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