Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rolled Pancake with Coconut Filing @ Kuih ketayap

Typically Malaysian kuih will consist of these few ingredients such as coconut milk, screw pine leaves, and palm sugar as popular ingredients and various starches like rice flour, glutinous flour, corn flour, tapioca flour and wheat flour.These teatime treats are usuallybite-sized sweet delights , to name a few commong ones such as Kuih Karipap, Kuih Dadar, Kuih Lopis, Kuih Lapis,Kueh Koci and plenty more. Some of these kuih are steamed, some are fried and some are baked.
Kuih ketayap or Kuih dadar is basically a pancake with filing, the pancakes are a bit bland but is complement by the sweetness of the coconut filling to make a delicious treat. For the adventourous perhaps you can be creative and invent your own filing too. Maybe you can add some red beans paste, peanut butter ot cream cheese even. Endless posibilities!
This recipes here is adapted from Kak Hanieliza webpage.
For the pancake:
1/2 cup coconut milk/or fresh milk
1 cup juice of screwpine leaves air [blend 5 crewpine leave + 1 cup water air and sieve]
1 eggs
1 cup flour
2 teaspoon cooking oil
a pinch of salt
green coloring ( if you like, i omit this)

For the filling :
1 cup palm sugar
1/3 cup sugar
500g freshly grated coconut
Screwpine leaves (daun pandan)

Method :

1. Combine all the ingredients for the filling in a pan and cook on medium heat until sticky . Set asideto cool.

2. Beat eggs and add in coconut milk,screwpine juice, flour, oil, salt and coloring. Let it rest for 15 minutes. If you like, you can sive this mixture for a smoother appearance.

3. Take one scoop of the mixture and pour on a flat pan, preferable a non-stick pan, on medium heat. Pour just a bit of the mixture to get a thin layer of pancake.
4. Remove the pancake once cooked and put the filling in the middle of the pancake. Cover the sides and roll.

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