Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Celebration-Hjh. Zainab

On Mother's day on Sunday (10th May), the big family of Hj. Ali and Hajah Zainab organized a get together ( high-teaa session at Kg. Salak). Apart from the eating session, catching up on gossip session, there's also lots of laughter and fun, including photo session. Three generations of the family including the youngest member, great grandaughter, Sharifah Fatin was there to celebrate Mother's Day. My Dad recited the doa and cut the cake ( which I have prepared ), to mark the special day. Laughter was all around when we decided to hold the most romantic couple photography session.Thank you tuan rumah, Pak Long dan Mak Long for hosting the event and the delicious food.
The celebrated couple Mum & Dad! Were coaxed to posed for the special picture!
Cake cutting ceremony with my Uncle, Pak Lang and the sisters (semua nak interframe)!
female power! my sister Ateh and my sisters-in law, beats having high tea at a posh hotel eh..
These two are posing for the most romantic couple younger brother and his wife. They definitely win hands-down

The children were having tons of fun on the swing, on the tree house and the garden. including the catch the chicken session.Anak siapakah itu yang tak pernah jumpa ayam weh..
beautiful flower at the fishpondThese is home to several cats ( we are a cat loving family yeah!). Luxury apartment !The beutiful graden setting for out high teaa, complete with tikar on the grass too..

Yours truely with one of my niece,Amira, she's getting bigger and thinner since the last time I saw her infact.

The next generation 2 grandsons + 2 granddaugthers-in law and 1 great grand daughter

Having a fun and relaxing session and lots of laughter too!
The photographers in action, and the spectators are going wild!Next time please bring your laptop too to transfer the big megabytes digital pictures.

The banquet of foods for all.. lakasa penang, roti jala, pengat durian, rojak buah, satay, kuih lopes, kuih koci are some of the spread!


  1. salam ana..seronok ekk berkumpul beramai-ramai..cantiknya rumah kucing tu..

  2. kak ina, yer memang seronok sekali2 berjumpa, kak long saya anak beranak memang suka bela kucing ras2 ader 5-6 ekor dalam sangkar kucing tuh. mnanti senang leh ambik gambar kucing2 tuh plak.

  3. ana.... cantiknya umah kak long ina! bestnya ada kawasan lapang dan luas camtu... umah kucing dia tu buat mata kak e terkeluar tengok!


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