Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dinner at Aunty Aini (Jln Salak)

Me and Mr. G loves to explore places to eat be it dinner or lunch or tea. When he came down to Nilai our usual haunt will be at Aunty Aini situated on a roadside at Jalan Salak. Its a garden style cafe with lots of palnts, flowers , trees and some ponds with fish. ITs quite quaint and rustic feeling, suitable for a relaxing dinner. No blaring music as background or noisy big LCD tv. Though the prices is a bit expensives from the usual tomyam eating places , its compensated by the good food and ambience. The place is owned and ran by a couple with several staff. The owner cum cum cum everything fondly called as Aunty Aini (hence the name of teh place) is a friendly and talktive hostess. Since we are regular customers, she will usually stopped by our table and have a quick chit chat, we even have our usual table reserved everytime we are there. Aunty Aini serves a good selection of both local and western food. Their menu consist of items like ikan jenahak/merah asam pedas, udang or sotong sambal with petai, gulai tempoyak ayam kampung even daging salai. All freshly cooked (heavenly). The western menu aint too bad either the place serves lasagne, wild mushroom soup (i love this), assortment of pizzas, chicken chop , just to name a few. I will post some pictures of these menus when I have the time.

Yesterday, we decide to have our berbuka there, so after work i went there to make booking , since the place is quite pack during this time and to order ahead our fave dishes. Came back at 7.10pm just as our dishes arrived ( see pics). Te spread is enough for 3 people , ithink but then Mr. G usually asked for two portion of rice and everthing( sometimes). We ordered ikan jenahak masak asam pedas, udang sambal with pedas, gulai lemak tempoyak telur itik, kangkung goreng belacan, this came with side dish of ulams ,sambal belacan and some kurma. Mr. G added a bowl of bubur pisang and some fruits. It does sound a lot for two person, right. The funny thing is we finished all the spread ( well actully Mr G did hahaahh).

The asam pedas fish here is excellent be it the jenahak or ikan merah, its not too hot or spicy. Wish Mr. G could have taken a better picture to do justice to the dishes. Alas the lights is just not in our favour.The sambal udang can do with a little more ummphh ( as in spiciness), though they used bigger prawn . here, we had 6 prawns . The menu is adaptable since you can request items which you think they can cooked up ( one of the perks of being a regular customer), thus we ordered telur itik masak lemak tempoyak ( tak pernah org buat hahaha). Usually they cooked lemak tempoyak with udang. The kangkung belacan here is not like the one in other places ( where you got a few strands of actaully kangkung but more batang kangkung), lots of kangkung and a hint of belacan , sehingga menjilat jari.
The bill came up to RM42.15, which is pretty cheap if you compare to other classy eating places. So, if you are anywhere in Salak or Nilai, I would surely recommend to drop by this place.


  1. my oh my..lamanya tak "melantak" kat auntie aini neh..rindu daging masak lemak cili api..*droolin*

  2. sodap tuh nora, lagi mengancamm asam pedas tuh, bawak lah mia ke sana..tukar port dari bagan lalang plak