Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thrillers, Adventures & Actions--My Other passion

Last night was doing some spring cleaning in the bedroom and to my surprise it seemed that I have quite a collection of books in every nook and cranny of the rooms even under the bed..hmmmmmm... infact these are only some of my storybooks/ novels collection . Some which I have amassed over the years have been put into boxes and stored away. I got couple of boxes already and I think close to 150 books... maybe someday i might donate it somewhere.

As you can figure from the pictures most of the books that i read is the thrillers and action packed ones, with few of others genre. At the moment I am hooked to Clive Clussler novels, and it happened by chance when I was browsing at Book Access at AMcorp Mall in PJ (where they are selling these books and almost unbelievably low prices), and came across these selection of books. However my all times fave would be matthey Riley and james Rollins , theirs stories is the ultimate for action seeker readers like me. So, when I am in no mood to rock in the kitchen I would be in my bedroom reading until my eyes watered.

In you like a bit of medical, action  & alien invasion thigy , my bet would be  novels by Scot Sigler ( Infected and Contagious), both are very good and entertaining reading.

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