Monday, February 2, 2009

Roti John-Homemade

Made these for my two hungry nephews, glad to see that these boys can it, served with side dish of fries and burger meat. The best part is when they said " induk punya roti john lagi best dari pasar malam ".. is that a compliment or what eh?


1 pack of bun
minced meat /or you can use burger patties and mashed them up real well
onions and garlic --diced
black pepper
salt to taste
2 eggs - whisked a bit
chili or tomato sauce
cucumber/tomato slices
1. Mixed all the ingredients together. Pour the eggs. The misture will be a bit wet and sticky now.
2. Heat the skillet with some butter until melted.
3. Take one bun and split into 2 halves. Put some of the meat mixture onto one side of the bread. Now, fry the bun facedown on the skillet until well cook. Removed from heat when done.
4. Mixed the sauces together onto the bun and topped with cucumber/ tomata slices. Serves with fries.

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