Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dinner at Seaview Restoren , Bagan Lalang


Recently we went to Bagan Lalang one fine night for a seafood dinner, we went to our usual place at Seaview Restaurant, if you follow the road to Bagan Lalang beach, its the first place on the right side, with a wooden pintu gerbang and lots of parking ( a bit risky since there's a lot of coconut trees here, park at your own risk !). The choice of dishes for dinner include otak2, ika sweet sour (siakap), ikan bakar, sotong goreng tepung,ketam sweet sour, udang pedas, sayur campur and different types of drinks. Definitely a fulfilling meal! If you are from Nilai or Labu it would take about half and hour to 45 minutes to get here. Be sure to go there with an empty stomach... and takeyour pick from the array of seafood on display and ordered the to be cooked to your specification. The ikan bakar with air asam is excellent choice as the sotong goreng tepung,just to give you a hint .

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