Monday, December 1, 2008

Lunch at Aunty Aini's

the quint fish pond, can you spot the fish

part of the garden, go green...

our hut, our lunch recluse

Last Friday, a few us ladies from the office decide to go out for lunch at Aunty Aini's again. This time we opted to sit malay style on one of the two huts provided - completed with a Japanes e table. The hut is big enought to accomodate 6 person, and since there are only 4 of us, is is quite spacius. It has its own ceiling fan and even a call button for service. The ambience is soothing with gardens and plants abundant with fish pond to boot, a very good choice for a lingering lunch hence we called up and ordered ahead and had a wonderful conversation too. Three of us had western food (lamb chop, fish and chip & chicken chop) and one opted for the yummylicious laksa johor. Just look at the size of the serving! Gila makan wooooo.... Unfortunately did not mange to get the fish n chips pic since we are busy eating !

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce and fries

Lambchop with mixed veggie and kentang putar

Laksa Johor with sambal belacan

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