Monday, May 20, 2013

Brief Interlude- Stories of Tanah Aina

A short de-stressing session with my buddy, Wanie at Tanah Aina, Bentong Pahang.Good company great place.  For further info you can  check out their website at  The typical activities for a 2day/ 1 night  stay at tanah Aina is as follow:-
Day 1

12pm – Check in
12.30pm – Lunch
2.30pm - Fountain of Youth waterfall & Leap of Faith platform jump (*optional: River Trekking on the way back, do inform our staff who will be guiding your group)
Do note that: Outdoor Activities are weather dependent.
4.30pm – Tea
7.30pm – BBQ Dinner
9pm – Save Our Rainforest
9.30pm – Movie / Indoor games (carom, pool, boardgames, etc)

Day 2

7am - Peak Into Paradise (Morning Walk)
7.30am – Breakfast
9.30am – Flying fox
12.00pm – Depart
The sun is peeking to say hello...

on top of the hill after the morning walk waiting for the mist to lift to view the sun rise

me and my buddy beside the durian tree..tralalalallalalala

lets take a chilly dip. believe it this is in front of the dining hall.

after a 20 minutes jungle trekking we came upon the fountaion of youth..yeay..min you the life jacket is for your own safety since the river current can be pretty strong

before we jump into the river lets take a photo. My buddy did the leap of faith from the wooden platform. Me..ahha I am afraid of height but I did climb onto the platform look down and promptly  went down the stairs again.I did try hahaha

A cuppa of hot  coffee by the riverside,  serenade by the sound of rushing water and the serenity of the scenery. Tanah Aina served awesome coffee, the real mccoy too. I love it.

After the morning walk and the gediks photo session up the hill, we come down to breakfast. aghhhhhh..ubi rebus with sambal sardin on chilly morning. man I am in ehaven at that moment.

view of the patio from inside the honeymoon suite Pegaga. No aircond only fan, but who needs one its absolutely cool by the river here.

which way are we going again?

relaxing at the  stircase which leads directly into the stream infront of the chalet. However the water is murky since the rain has just stopped. It is not advisable to get into the water after rain since the current can be strong.
we each got 3 pillows..pillow fight anybody?
Finally we got reception up here.  Phone reception is intermittent here. And there is not TV in the room.. If you need your fix of  Tv please bring along your laptop or you can join them at the big hall for movie screening

I am green as is the eco-friendly tanah aina is.

Infront of Pegaga,,its like living a dream.


its so hard to say goodbye, but I will be back again...


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