Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome the new year and new me

I practically usher in the new year 2013 with bang  l was in hadyai a stopover from our diving trip in koh lanta. the friendly people of hadyai town celebrate the new year in a big way they have concert on the street street party and lots and lots of fireworks. Which practically lit the sky with burst of colours and sounds that bounce vibrating from building to building. We did savor a little of the street party atmosphere (lot of other malaysian were there too), but for the firework from the safety of our  room at the 18th floor.
streetparty at hadyai

fireworks at the sky..marvelous

morning view of hadyai town from our room
The  fireworks started early in the evening until  wee hours of morning. Much different from where I usually usher the new year ,Usually in beb at home. But then I am hoping that year 2013 will bring big and drastic changes in my life. Fingers cross. May this year bring glad tidings to my readers too (are there any left I wonder since it has been eons since I last updated this blog!). It is a cliche to say that I will try to update this blog regularly but that is what I have in mind. I find that by writing I am able to de-stress myself and honed back my passion in writing  Til we meet again.

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